I am a Holistic Health practitioner. That means I look at the whole person – the physical, including food and environment, as well as the emotional and mental aspects, when addressing issues or non-optimum conditions. Sometimes physical problems are simply that and resolve readily. But more often than not, there is an emotional aspect, or predisposition that is creating, contributing to, and allowing the problem to exist and persist. I have over 30 years experience in handling both.

My PhD is in Holistic Nutrition, so one of the first things I address is diet and the manifestations of nutrient deficiencies. Today’s foods are often grown on depleted soils and offer little nutritional value. Many processed products are actually depleting your body of nutrients instead of nurturing you.

Not all people do well on the same foods. Biochemical uniqueness is often a key element in achieving optimal health. So getting you on the diet that is best for you is one of the first things we’ll address.

I Do Not Sell Herbs or Other Supplements, Though I Do Recommend Them As Needed.

I use EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, as a basic tool with almost all clients. It involves tapping on specific (Chinese) meridian points to unblock energy, resulting in both physical and emotional relief. I have used and taught EFT for 10 years in individual sessions, workshops and college classrooms. I have found EFT to be extremely effective in handling numerous emotional and physical problems, like grief and loss, addictions, compulsions, weight loss, pain management, etc.. If you have been to the EFT website www.emofree.com, you have a glimpse of all the things EFT can help handle.

I use Iridology as one of my health evaluation tools. What is Iridology? Used extensively in Europe, it is the study of the iris, particularly of its color, markings, changes, etc., as associated with disease and physical complaints. It helps locate areas of the body that are distressed and it can also tell us when healing is occurring.

Allergies and sensitivities are becoming epidemic in our culture. Toxic exposure in our air, food, water, clothing, and other common items is taking its toll. The sad part is that many people believe that they have physical or emotional problems, when in fact they are having a sensitivity reaction to a food or substance in their environment.

Together, with the use of muscle testing and observation, we can locate and, in many instances eliminate the offending substances. For those items we don’t want to or can’t eliminate, we can use EFT and its related practices to “reprogram” the system and so eliminate the reaction.

Lastly, Detofixication, tailored to your condition and lifestyle, is recommended. It is an effective tool for dealing with our toxic environment, as well as the effects of the standard American diet. Cultures around the world have, for centuries, used this approach as a means to better health because of it’s effectiveness, and increasing numbers of people in our culture are now turning to this tool for the same reason.

My practice is located in my home office in the Buffalo, NY (Williamsville) area, and I see clients by appointment only.

I will not see anyone that I feel I cannot truly help. Initial phone consultation is free.


Jean Franklin, PhD

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